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Poetry Manuscripts: Resources for Manuscript Consultation/Coaching

(updated 12/17/2016)

This is the second post of two concerning resources related to putting together a poetry manuscript.

Last week, I posted a partial list of online articles that discussed ways to organize a poetry manuscript. Today's post is a partial list of individuals and organizations with an online presence (they're publicly accessible, have a website, etc.) that offer some sort of manuscript consultation or mentoring. The options below are 1) classes or workshops that include manuscript review, and 2) working one-on-one with a mentor.

Of the options listed below, I've done the post-graduate residency. I've also worked with some folks on a manuscript consultation:

  • I contacted Sandra Simonds for a consultation after I'd been sending my first manuscript script out for a couple of years. The manuscript had received some favorable results (occasional finalist or semifinalist), but remained unpublished. I thought a set of fresh eyes on the matter would help.  After she and I exchanged emails and mutually agreed we'd be a good fit, I emailed the manuscript to her. She responded in a timely manner, on the exact day we agreed to. Her feedback included a page of comments with respect to her overall impressions. Then, for each poem, she provided line edits and comments, including suggestions on arrangement, themes, narrative arc, weaknesses, strengths, etc. Her comments were to the point and insightful. It was just what I needed to help me better see how I should shape the manuscript. I cut twenty pages and added five new poems (eight pages). Some of the poems that were removed were ones that Sandra suggested; others were ones that I felt needed to go.

  • I worked with Sandra Beasley after I replaced about 20% of the poems in a manuscript. The changes resulted in a manuscript with a somewhat different focus. When I contacted Sandra, I wasn't looking for a full manuscript review. Since a large chunk of the manuscript had been torn out and filled in with brand new poems, I wanted a second opinion on whether it still held together as a book. Sandra's response was timely and substantive. She provided two page of comments / recommendations and a suggested reordering. She even offered line edits, which went above and beyond what I'd requested. I found her feedback to be quite helpful.
Both Sandra Simonds and Sandra Beasley are listed below in "Services Offered by Individuals".

Please note: The resources listed below came to my attention because I received an email about it or I heard about it at a conference or someone sent me a link to it. Except for the two mentioned above, other than what scant information is provided below, I know little about these services. So, as with any service on which you spend your hard-earned pennies, caveat emptor.

And if you're ready to send out your first poetry manuscript and are looking to send them to contests, check out this list of 1st-book contests.


Colrain Manuscript Conference, fee is approximately $1,400 and includes lodging and some food

• The Vermont College of Fine Arts Postgraduate Writers' Conference  has a workshop for full manuscripts for those who have an MFA (“members of the Poetry Manuscript workshops submit drafts of book-length collections.”) Poetry Manuscript tuition is a little over $1,000, room and board not included.


One-on-one services are divided below into two groups: those offered by a journal, press, or other organization and those offered by an individual. In fees listed are current as of the date of they were added to this page and might have since changed. Please contact the organization or person for current rates.

Services offered by journals, presses, and other organizations
• Cutthroat Journal Mentorship and Manuscript Evaluations, fee for Poetry manuscript is approximately $2,000

• GrubStreet Manuscript Consultation, hourly rate, $75 per hour

• The Loft Manuscript Critique and Coaching, cost varies according to the mentor/editor you select

• The Attic Institute offers Individual Consultations, including “Putting Together Your Full-Length Poetry Manuscript”, fee varies depending on requested consultation

• UCLA Extention Writers’ Program One-on-One Consultation, fee varies by number of pages, $500 minimum

• Manuscript Reading Services offered by members of the League of Canadian Poets, fees vary according to mentor/editor you select

• Manuscript editing and mentoring by one of the editors of Two Sylvia Press, sliding-scale fee from $450 to $1350

• Manuscript editing and mentoring by one of the editors of Blue Lyra Review, fee varies per number of pages, approximately $25 per 20 pages

• Post-graduate semester: If you have an MFA or other degree, there's the option of checking with the school where you graduated (or another school) to see if you could take a post-graduate semester to work with a mentor to finalize your manuscript. The cost is likely to be one semester's tuition.

Services offered by individuals

• April Ossmann, Manuscript consultation, hourly rate $85, final fee varies depending on the type of editing requested

E. Kristen Anderson, writing coach, chapbook and full length consultations, and individual-poem critique at Yellow Bird Editors, see "How Much Will It Cost" for rates.

• Jeffrey Levine, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Tupelo Press, Mentoring Program for Poets, fee varies according to which plan you choose, from $1,200 on up

• Jennifer Givhan, Critique & Editing Services , fee varies according to services requested

• Jennifer K. Sweeney, Private Instruction / Poetry Critique, fee varies according to services requested, approximately $450 for a manuscript critique

• Jessica Piazza, Co-founder of both Bat City Review and Gold Line Press, contributing editor at The Offending Adam, see her author website for her contact info, fee varies according to services requested, starting at $300 for a general consultation.

• Joanna Fuhrman, poetry editor at Ping PongPoetry Workshops for Adults—Individual Consultations, fee varies according to services requested; approximately $425 for a book/manuscript consultation.

• Katerina Stoykova-Klemer of Accents Publishing, Editing and feedback on book-length manuscripts, contact her for fee amounts

• Kelli Russell Agodon, Editorial Services for Poets & Writers, rates vary depending on services requested

• Laura Van Prooyen, Writer Services, see author website for rates

• Nancy Pearson, Individual manuscript consultations, contact her for fee amounts

• Neil Aitken, editor at Boxcar Poetry Review, Consulting, rates vary depending on services requested

• Sandra Beasley, click on the For Hire tab of the author's website, contact her for fee amounts.

• Sandra Marchetti, Associate Poetry Editor at Stirring: A Literary CollectionWriting Services, fee varies according to length of the manuscript, starting at $100 for a shorter chapbooks; publication coaching offered at approximately $30 an hour.

Sandra Simonds, author of 4 books of poetry, whose work has been selected for Best American Poetry 2014 and 2015, manuscript consultations include line edits, help with arrangement, and general feedback. Contact her for fee amounts,

[The links and the information shown above were current as of the date of this post.]

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