Interviews and Reviews

Poet Interviews

Susanna Childress
Nicelle Davis
Jessica Goodfellow
Karen Paul Holmes
Frank Montesonti
Christine Rhein
Greg Santos
Ryan Teitman
Robert Walicki


Poetry Book Reviews

Blight, Blight, Blight, Ray of Hope by Frank Montesonti
Entering the House of Awe by Susanna Childress
Litany for the City by Ryan Teitman
Rabbit Punch! by Greg Santos
Wild Flight by Christine Rhein

Chapbook Chat

[Chapbook Chat is an interview series that features authors of recently published, or soon-to-be-published, chapbooks.]

Cuello, Jessica. My Father's Bargain
Desrosiers, Lori. Inner Sky
Dhar, Nandini. Lullabies are Barbed Wire Nations
Eleftherion, Melissa. Pigtail Duty
Foley, Ruth. Creature Feature
Fordon, Kelly. The Witness
French, Kerri. Instruments of Summer
Hopkinson, Trish. Footnote
Kirby, Merie. The Dog Runs On
Johanson, Sonja. Trees in Our Dooryards
MacFadyen, Janet. In the Provincelands
Manning, Katie. A Door with a Voice
Moore, Catherine. Story
Nelson, Kelly. Who Was I to Say I Was Alive
Rollender, Nicole. Bone of My Bone
Trousdale, Rachel. Antiphonal Fugue for Marx Brothers, Elephant, and Slide Trombone
Walicki, Robert. The Almost Sound of Snow Falling
Wiley, Lisa. My Daughter Wears Her Evil Eye to School